Transform Our World (TOW) and BlessMN


As a new Bless Minnesota Street Adopter you will receive two confirmation messages, one from Pastor Greg Pagh, the Chair of the Bless Minnesota initiative, and one from Transform Our World, host of the registration and mapping procedures for this Adopt Your Street prayer initiative.

TOW is bound by its own security guidelines to never release any names or contact information to any other party other than the Administrator of the Bless Minnesota initiative.

TOW is created to enlist and encourage ordinary people to do extraordinary things to make this world a better place by applying biblical principles, specifically the Luke 10 strategy of Prayer Evangelism the 5 Key Paradigms of City and Nation Transformation. It is a public site with a particular focus. In general, communication happens publicly on the site via public postings mostly by TOW Users, and also by the TOW Webmasters and TOW’s parent organization, Harvest Evangelism. Nonetheless, TOW and Harvest Evangelism reserves the right to use the TOW data base for email communication, particularly related to site features. Any direct email communiqués will carry the standard “opt out” or “do not send” feature which can be controlled by the user.

Harvest Evangelism is a “giving organization.” To date, it has invested over a quarter of a million dollars in building TOW and the Adopt Your Street features in the vision to see entire cities and nations filled with the presence and power of God through prayer.  This tool is made available to Bless Minnesota free of charge.  Any participant in Bless Minnesota who desires to express appreciation with a financial gift may do so at TOW.  Please note the name of your prayer initiative with any gifts you may send. Again, there is no financial obligation or requirement, just an opportunity to be a blessing through giving and to be blessed in return.