Frequently Asked Questions – Answered


What is Bless Minnesota?

The Bless Minnesota – Adopt Your Street in Prayer initiative is a non-profit, nondenominational, non-political Minnesota movement that is bringing together a broad representation of Christian denominations, congregations and ministries as well as representatives from business, education, government and every area of society with one simple goal; to adopt every street in the State of Minnesota in prayer.

What are the Vision, Mission and Goals of Bless Minnesota?

Vision: To bless the State of Minnesota and its people.

Mission: To adopt every street in the State of Minnesota in prayer.


1. Unite followers of Jesus Christ in a common vision and strategic prayer initiative that improves the spiritual climate in the State of Minnesota.

2. Bless every individual and segment of society.

3. Build stronger relationships within neighborhoods and communities.

4. Expect a measurable reduction of crime, divorce and other social problems and a measurable increase of people coming to Jesus Christ and experiencing peace, provision and purpose.

5. Give God the glory.

What does it mean to Adopt Your Street in Prayer?

When you Adopt Your Street in Prayer you are committing to pray for the homes, businesses, school, park, church etc. represented by your street. There are four specific things you should do on an ongoing basis for the people and places on your adopted street:

1. Speak peace and blessing in Jesus’ name.

2. Reach-out and build relationships with others.

3. Identify and respond to visible needs in tangible ways.

4. Share the love, presence and power of Jesus.

How do you Adopt Your Street in Prayer?

1. Go to, select Adopt Your Street and complete the Registration Form, indicating the street address that will be the focal point of your street adoption.

2. In “Select a Sub-Group” select a church, business, or organization from the  appropriate drop-down list if you would like to be associated with a specific “Sub-Group.” (Or create your own Sub-Group by going first to the Sub-Group page and create a Sub-Group/Coordinator for your church, business, city or organization.)

3. Provide an email address and password to confirm your street adoption and click “Submit.”

4. You may use this email and password to adopt another location (e.g. your neighborhood, school, workplace, or special community) at any time.

Who is leading Bless Minnesota?

A local Bless Minnesota Leadership Team is coordinating the implementation. The Chair of Bless Minnesota is Pastor Greg Pagh from Christ Church in Otsego, MN. You will find a growing list of this leadership team, Sub-Groups and other Bless Minnesota Partners at

The logistical infrastructure for Bless Minnesota is graciously provided through a linkage with The same email and password that you use to adopt your street at Bless Minnesota will also provide you with seamless access to other transformation initiatives and free resources at

How can I learn more about Bless Minnesota?

Check-out the promo video and several other video endorsements at You can also visit Bless Minnesota on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Does Bless Minnesota have a theme song?

OK, so maybe this question isn’t asked frequently, but we want you to know!

Dan Adler and Heart of the City Band have produced an inspiring theme song for Bless Minnesota called “We Will Pray.” The words and music will be available soon to local worship teams at the website. This special song is part of a 15-song CD. called “We Bless” by HOTC that can be ordered through the website and helps support the Bless Minnesota initiative. You can contact Dan Adler directly at to schedule a concert or special worship event.

What are some “next steps” for my church to get involved?

Check-out the “Next Steps” pages on the website.

How can I bless the whole state of Minnesota?

By adopting a street in your local community you will become a vital part of an army of God’s people who together will be a blessing to the whole state of Minnesota! In John 17, Jesus prayed that his disciples would be “one” so that the world would know that Jesus is Lord. At Bless Minnesota we believe that God has called us into greater unity in the body for the sake of a greater witness to the world!

Do I have to knock on doors or make cold calls?

Bless Minnesota combines prayer and evangelism in a very relational way. You pick a street address that represents the starting point for your street adoption. It might be your home address but it could be your workplace, school, church, community center, sports field, medical clinic, senior high-rise etc. Start where you already have some relationships and grow from there. Speak peace, build relationships, respond to needs, share your faith and follow the trail! Let the Holy Spirit lead the way!

How long am I committed to pray for my adopted street?

We ask that you start with a one-year commitment to pray, build relationships, respond to needs and share the Good News of Christ with those on your adopted street. This will give the Lord an opportunity to work in your life and in the lives of others. We believe that you will discover great joy in this lifestyle of prayer, blessing and witness and that you will want to continue in the future!

What if I still have question?

Please feel free to email the Chair of Bless Minnesota, Pastor Greg Pagh. His email address is

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